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Can A Private Investigator Find A Defendant’s Assets In Orlando?

Can A Private Investigator Find A Defendant’s Assets In Orlando?

We’re often asked if a private investigator can find a defendant’s assets in Orlando. Sometimes the question arises when trying to determine whether it’s worth the investment to file a lawsuit against someone, and sometimes it arises after a judgement has already been received. There are many ways for a defendant to hide assets, and Orlando private investigator Torres Protection Group is able to assist with asset location and asset recovery from defendants.

Defendant Asset Location: Before You Sue

It often is important to make sure that a prospective defendant has enough assets to make a lawsuit worthwhile before you file. While people often take steps to hide assets when they know a lawsuit is likely, these actions leave trails that are obvious to the trained eye of a private investigator.

A private investigator in Orlando can find defendant assets regardless of their location in 2016. Not only does every transfer leave a trail, but there are often obvious signs that the transfers are occurring if you have someone on the ground who can look for them. An inspector or appraiser nosing around property owned by the defendant is an obvious sign that they’re planning to sell or transfer the asset, but so are meetings with realtors or other professionals.

Noting what kind of attorney a defendant is meeting with can also be useful. In many cases, certain attorneys specialize in creative trusts or other vehicles for asset protections. If you can prove when and how the transfer was made, you may be able to unwind the transfer and claw back the asset in question.

Locating the assets of a defendant with a private investigation is a strong first step in making sure that your case isn’t just the empty satisfaction of winning an uncollectible judgement. Generally, when people have assets that are located in a different jurisdiction, there are signs. They may travel to the assets, or there may be a money trail to a property manager or a mortgage company.

Torres Protection Group principal Rafael Torres is a former United States Secret Service agent, with extensive experience and training who can help you find assets of a defendant before or after you file the lawsuit.

Defendant Asset Location: After Winning A Lawsuit

Can A Private Investigator Find A Defendant’s Assets In Orlando?
Can A Private Investigator Find A Defendant’s Assets In Orlando?

So you won the case. That’s great, until the defendant throws up their hands and claims to be completely broke. Their home may be exempt, and if they appear to have no other assets, you have a problem. While you can compel them to disclose, not everyone is as honest as they should be in that scenario.

How do you locate defendant assets after you’ve won the case? Orlando private investigator Torres Protection Group can help to find them, as well as finding any evidence of transfers that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Investigative techniques for asset location range from database searches to simple conversations with people who would have reason to know if the asset existed and what its disposition might have been. The Federal law enforcement experience of Torres Protection Group gives us an upper hand in investigating these transfers and helping you to recover what’s due.

If you’ve won a lawsuit and are having difficulty recovering what’s owed, contact Orlando private investigator Torres Protection Group to find out how you can get the information you need to recover what you deserve.


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