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Discover the Leading Private Investigators in Cape Coral

Torres Protection Group offers investigation and surveillance services in Cape Coral to help you acquire information and useful evidences from various physical and digital sources. Throughout the years, residents and business owners of Cape Coral rely on our private investigating team for their personal and professional needs. Our professional team of private investigators can help uncover cases of infidelity, fraud, neglect of responsibilities, and past criminal records among other information.

We make use of our expertise, human intelligence, and digital equipment to carry out every assignment with precision and accuracy. You can always rely on us to deliver verified and confirmative reports to help you protect yourself, your business, and other personal interests. Rest assured that we follow a strict of code of conduct to ensure that your information is safe with us.

Our team does not only deliver reliable reports, but we also have highly affordable rates because we deal with our clients directly and personally. Torres Protection Group is currently operating in Cape Coral and other key cities of South Florida.

Learn More About Our Private Investigation Services in Cape Coral

Our team offers a wide spectrum of private investigation services to address every need. Over the years, we have served thousands of clients all across South Florida and made contributions in resolving various cases. We take pride in our discreet services and professional team.

For your reference, we’ll give you a quick rundown of our top specialties in the private investigation;

  • Infidelity Investigations

Are you having doubts about your spouse or partner? If you have a reason to believe that he/she is being unfaithful in your marriage or relationship, we can help you find evidence that may confirm or deny your suspicions. Count on us to give you an unbiased infidelity investigation report.

  • Bodyguard Services

We offer executive protection to ensure your safety in whatever situation. You can count on our highly trained security agents to protect you, your family, business, and other interests.  Our bodyguard personnel has broad experience in safeguarding high-profile personalities. Count on us to provide you the same level of security.

  • Corporate Investigations

If there is something questionable about your business operations or you’re having doubts about your employees, company management, and other parties involved, we can conduct an exhaustive corporate investigation for you. Our investigative report can provide the answers to your questions and may uncover unlawful activities within your company.

  • Child Support Investigation

Are you having problems in receiving timely child support payments? We can launch a private investigation and surveillance operation for you to identify the status, whereabouts, and activities of a deadbeat parent. You can always rely on us to keep every assignment confidential for your protection.

  • Child Custody Investigation

A child’s welfare is important to us. If you want to know the kind of treatment that a child receives from his/her custodial parent, we can perform an investigation for you. We’ll make sure to deliver an accurate report about a child’s well-being, status, and living condition.

  • Background Checks

Running a background check about a new contact, potential business partner, job applicant, or investor is very important. Based on our experience, knowing a lot about a person can save you from various risks, scams, and losses. Don’t be fooled by people with malicious intent. Our background checking procedure can keep you from making bad choices.

  • Tenant Screening

Property owners have the right to protect their property by being selective of their tenants. For thorough tenant screening reports, our team of private investigators can help you in making the right decisions. We can run an in-depth screening about your potential tenants to uncover their previous landlords/addresses, credit history, source of funds, and valuable background information.