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A child's safety is of utmost importance. When you're in doubt, call us for Child Custody Investigation.

Why Private Investigators Play a Crucial Role in Child Custody Investigation

Most cases that concern child custody is intense and sometimes, raging. Emotions can get high and the exchange of words can leave a trail of doubts and uncertainty. In such scenarios, a child custody investigation can closely examine a child’s protection, safety, and well-being in a more objective manner.

A private investigation can assess the kind of treatment that a child is receiving from the parents in question. All reports, information, and physical proofs may be useful in court when fighting for a child’s custody.

At Torres Protection Group, we believe that every child’s safety and welfare is a top priority. We execute child custody investigation meticulously to come up with sufficient evidence that confirm a child’s living condition. We take into account factors such as security, health, comfort, and happiness.

How We Conduct Child Custody Investigation

We understand the various aspects of our assignment when working on a Child Custody Investigation. To provide the best investigative services, we gather well-organized information to come up with an accurate and conclusive report that can help secure a child’s well-being.

To give you a brief outline about the typical flow of the process, here’s how we conduct our child custody investigation;

Acquire Information from Credible Witnesses

We interview witnesses who have direct involvement to the child’s daily life and routine. These may include the child’s teacher, close contacts such as school bus driver and teacher’s aide, school counselor, friends’ guardians, and neighbors. Our purpose is to gather impressions and reactions about the child’s behavior and overall well-being.

Validation of Assets

As private investigators, we may search for hidden assets that are useful evidence in any child custody case. If we find substantial information regarding a parent’s assets and source/s of income, the other party may use this information in court as proof that the parent is trying to avoid his/her financial obligation towards the child. In connection with this process, we may also uncover the financial capacities of both parents, including their ability to raise a child properly.

Gathering of Physical Evidence and Background Checking

At Torres Protection Group, we communicate with our clients to identify the type of information that would be most useful to the case. By becoming fully aware about our clients’ knowledge and suspicions, we can come up with specific strategies for gathering substantial evidence. Examples of these are; leaving the child alone at home, entrusting the child to strangers, and mistreatment by a new partner.

As private investigators, we may also confirm if a parent is engaging in vices while taking care of the child, such as taking drugs and excessive alcohol intake. We’ll also confirm if the child has exposure to dangerous and unlawful situations. In such cases, we may gather proofs that the child is suffering from neglect and abuse.

Other scenarios that may affect a child are; poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, unstable home environment, and other household conditions that can severely affect a child’s performance in school, welfare, and ability to socialize with others.

Our actual documentation of evidences includes high quality photos, videos, data, and other surveillance footages. We make sure that all our evidences do not violate anyone’s privacy. Additionally, we assure you that all the information we’ll provide are legally obtained and are not subject to illegal charges.

Why Choose Torres Protection Group

If you need a precise report for a child custody case in Miami and other key cities in South Florida, we can conduct a private investigation for you. Our in-depth private investigative services can unravel useful evidences that would be beneficial to your case. We guarantee top confidentiality and professionalism at all times.