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Child Support Investigation

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Hire a Private Investigator for Child Support Case and get all the information you need.

Why Do You Need Services for Child Support Investigation?

Divorce proceedings that involve minor children are sensitive scenarios. In such cases, it is important to give high priority to matters that preserve the children’s rights and well-being. However, there are many cases wherein the non-custodial parent may fall short or neglect their financial duties for child support. Some parents even discontinue their payment obligations, which severely affect the welfare of the children involved. In such cases, a private investigator can help uncover the reasons why these things happen.

How Can We Help?

The courts and state government understand the significance of receiving timely child support payments. Hence there are strict laws and severe penalties for parents who fail to meet their obligations on time; or worse, neglect their financial duties.

This is exactly where Torres Protection Group comes into the picture. We offer private investigation services that can help enforce responsibility to a parent. As professionals in the field of investigative services, we understand the difficulties of custodial parents who need child support to raise and provide for their children.

When non-custodial parents take harsh steps to avoid paying child support, our private investigating team can help you acquire evidences that can help the state government enforce the necessary procedures. So if you are a parent who is dealing with lack of child support payment, we can help by providing an investigative report to supplement your case.

Top Reasons Why Parents Hire Private Investigators for Child Support

Custodial parents have the right to take the necessary action if they fail to receive complete and timely child support payment from a non-custodial parent. This is important to protect the legal rights and welfare of their minor children. In such situations, a Private Investigator can provide assistance in acquiring information and proofs that are essential to the preservation of these rights.

Here are the top reasons why custodial parents seek for our private investigation service for their child support case;

1. To confirm suspicions about an ex-partner or ex-spouse.

Your ex- can give you an impression that they are facing financial struggles, which is the reason why they are falling short of their child support payment. However, there is also a probability that they are living a lavish lifestyle that is in complete contradiction to what they are claiming. They may be spending their money on new investments and expensive habits. Our team can launch a surveillance operation to confirm your ex’s financial status and lifestyle, and present to you a report that consists of conclusive evidences that verify their income.

2. Lack of information about an ex-spouse’s whereabouts

Most non-custodial parents resort to changing their addresses and move from one place to another in an attempt to evade paying child support. Although some have valid reasons to do so, such as shifting to a new workplace or starting a new life, it is unlawful to keep their whereabouts a secret for the purpose of avoiding their financial obligation towards their children.

3. To acquire information about a non-custodial parent’s employment or source of income.

The government usually takes the necessary steps to deduct the child support payment directly from the non-custodial parent’s monthly pay check. However, some parents shift to a new job for the sole intention of avoiding their financial obligation, by making it harder for collection activities to take place. As private investigators, we can uncover such malicious intents and come up with a comprehensive report so our clients can file a case.