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Choosing A Private Investigator In Miami: Importance Of Licensing And Reputation

Choosing A Private Investigator In Miami: Importance Of Licensing And Reputation

Choosing a private investigator in Miami is an important risk management step, no matter what your goal may be. Miami private investigators can work just about any case where information is a key component of your risk management strategy. Do you need to verify that someone injuries are legitimate in a workers compensation or insurance fraud case? Do you need to find hidden assets as a result of employee theft? Any time that you require information not readily available to you, a private investigator can help.

How do you choose a private investigator in Miami, where there are a wide variety of options?

First, it’s crucial for you to be aware that, while there are many people claiming to be private investigators in Miami, some of those claims should be called into question. There are a few people with a reputation for questionable work product. Some have allowed their licenses to lapse. Some were never licensed in the first place.

Why is private investigator licensing so important? If the investigation goes south, or the state realizes that there is a problem with the investigator, you could face problems for hiring them. Imagine if someone without a license was investigating a subject for insurance fraud. They follow the subject into a store to get a picture of the subject reaching or bending, activities their injuries should prevent.

Store security approaches the unlicensed investigator and begins asking uncomfortable questions. The subject is alerted to the investigation. Your company is shamed in the media. A large settlement with the insured is negotiated just to make the entire matter go away. Your job may be at risk for hiring that unlicensed investigator, and you could even face harassment charges from the subject.

Choosing A Private Investigator In Miami: Importance Of Licensing And Reputation
Choosing A Private Investigator In Miami: Importance Of Licensing And Reputation

Licensing is easily verified with the state. All Torres Protection Group private investigators in Miami are properly licensed, including the extensive experience that is required by the state. Most come from military or law enforcement backgrounds, giving them additional desirable skill sets. Everything is above-board, and you and your company are protected from the risks noted above.

The reputation of a private investigator in Miami is nearly as important as their license. You need to work with a firm that has a reputation for flawless work product and for getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and discreetly. If an investigator handles a situation poorly, your company could be exposed to significant reputational risk. Torres Protection Group offers references upon request and maintains a stellar reputation.

With a strong reputation for competence and discretion, Torres Protection Group is the right Miami private investigator to meet your needs. The military and law enforcement experience of our investigators means that they gather evidence that meets a higher standard. Their training in gathering evidence in criminal cases means that your investigation will be handled with the utmost in discretion and care.

Private investigations in Miami can be initiated through the contact forms on this site, or by calling 855-295-1132 to speak with an investigator. Searching for a reputable private investigator in Miami doesn’t have to be challenging or time-consuming. When you work with the best, you get the best results.


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