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Corporate Investigations

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We can help you protect your company’s assets and integrity through a corporate investigation report.

Why Companies Need Corporate Investigation?

A lot of companies and organizations benefit from Corporate Investigations. Regardless of the type, size, and industry, potential threats can lead to serious consequences without taking the necessary action. Investigation processes can uncover different situations and threats that may cause a great deal of impact to the company’s security and integrity. In such cases, identifying the risks and proper mitigation can prevent major losses.

Our clients usually contact us for the following main reasons;

1. For Compliance.

Companies and organizations usually have compliance policies that command an investigation after a threat or incident. These could be a result of work negligence, classified information leaks, workplace violence, and various allegations among other things. In such cases, a corporate investigation would be necessary to determine the red flags and to formulate steps for efficient damage control.

2. To confirm malpractice and corruption.

A request for corporate investigation is a smart step to uncover malicious activities in the company. Most cases start from a probable cause such as a neglect of duties, emails and phone calls that trigger doubts, unexplained losses, and suspicious actions. The objective of an investigation is to determine the extent of the problem and what is causing it. The most common scams that occur in a corporate setting are embezzlement, abuse of authority, cases of harassment, data theft, spying, and technical sabotage.

3. To protect the resources and prevent further losses.

Financial theft, embezzlement of funds, and misuse of resources are quite common in the corporate setting. Companies that are struggling for ways to retrieve their losses can expect a return of investment through intensive corporate investigation. This critical step is useful in uncovering the root cause of the losses and in determining solutions that can stop its recurrence.

4. For resource auditing.

A Corporate Investigation can help identify the loopholes and weaknesses in the existing operational processes. In such cases, resource auditing is a necessary procedure that is valuable in assessing the effectiveness of the current business operations, programs, resource utilization, and over-all management.

How Torres Protection Group Conduct Corporate Investigation

Whether you’re running a multimillion-dollar business or a start-up company, our corporate investigation involves a number of steps and phases to come up with substantial findings and conclusive report. While in the process, we will start assessing your concerns and requirements by asking a series of industry-related questions. This will enable us to understand the current scenario, so we can offer you some recommendations to control the situation.

The timeframe of investigation is dependent upon several aspects of the case, including its intricacies, details, and if there are certain people in question. A corporate investigative report for minor cases takes around several days to a few weeks to complete. Complex cases that require strategic planning, auditing, and digital surveillance may last for up to several months of investigation to come up with a well-validated and conclusive report.

List of Corporate Investigation Services

We, at Torres Protection Group, conduct corporate investigations across South Florida in compliance with the state law. Our long history in the field of Private Investigation and Surveillance has enabled us to formulate solutions and strategies that remain imperceptible, legally-compliant, and discreet. Here’s a list of our top services;

  • Physical and Digital Surveillance
  • Investigative Services for Embezzlement, Internal and External Fraud, Bribery, Corruption, and Espionage
  • Evidence Management
  • Third Party Validation including Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Investigations related to Investor Relations
  • Undercover Workplace Investigations