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An Employee Works For The Competition, Can A Miami Private Investigator Prove It?

An Employee Works For The Competition, Can A Miami Private Investigator Prove It?

If you run a business in South Florida, you’ve probably at least considered the idea that an employee works for the competition. It may be a fleeting thought, or it may be a serious concern. Would you know? You can’t track the employee 24 hours a day, and even the least sophisticated employee can operate a camera phone and reveal trade secrets. Can a Miami private investigator prove an employee works for the competition?

Yes! In this scenario, when you’re wondering if you’re being double-crossed by an employee, a private investigator in Miami is the perfect place to turn. You have some basic information that you can provide – why you suspect the employee, who you think they may be working for. From there, it’s up to your Miami private investigator. So how does this work?

How Does A Miami Private Investigator Prove An Employee Works For The Competition?

An Employee Works For The Competition, Can A Miami Private Investigator Prove It?
An Employee Works For The Competition, Can A Miami Private Investigator Prove It?

To start with, your private investigator will perform surveillance on the employee and learn their habits, their usual travels, and the places they frequent. An investigator can covertly gather evidence that you would not be able to acquire. How is the information being transferred? How much information is going to the competition? How much is the Judas employee being paid to betray you and all you’ve worked so hard to build?

There are too many variables involved for you to investigate the situation yourself. Besides, you’re the boss – the employee would notice you in a minute or less and be tipped off that you suspect. That’s not the desired result. A private investigator in Miami will have access to a number of people and a number of vehicles, allowing surveillance to remain unnoticed by the subject.

When evidence has been gathered to prove an employee works for the competition, your private investigator will compile a complete report indicating what the evidence shows, how the evidence was gathered, and any recommended actions. While you may want to run it past legal, your first stop with the information is likely to be HR, if you have an HR department. They’ll be experienced in how to get the employee out of your office or shop with the least amount of problems.

If things go south at that point, though, you’ll need help. Torres Protection Group isn’t just a Miami private investigator firm. TPG also provides employee termination security to help ensure that all intellectual property is properly returned to your company and that the employee knows the consequences of becoming violent or problematic in the process of being removed from the premises.

When it comes to investigating employment issues and trying to prove an employee works for the competition, you need more than just a Miami private investigator. You need the comprehensive services of Torres Protection Group to solve the problem and keep you and your employees safe as you investigate and remove the employee from the premises.

You know that employee issues are sensitive issues that need to be handled with discretion. In the same way that surveillance of the subject is always covert, assisting the subject off the premises is handled delicately so as not to raise any concern with your other employees. Only Torres Protection Group has the resources to handle the entire matter properly and correctly, while minimizing risk to you and your organization.


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