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Professional Private Investigator Services in Florida Keys

Torres Protection Group provides extensive private investigation services to individuals, families, and corporations in Florida Keys. We offer a wide variety of services that match different needs and situations. Our objective is to acquire factual evidences that can help our clients make rational decisions. Most of our investigative reports are court-admissible and may facilitate the resolution of various cases.

If you need private investigation and surveillance services, you can benefit from our team’s experience, knowledge, and expertise. We believe that each case is unique, which is why we formulate specific strategies in every assignment. Our team employs tried-and-tested investigative procedures and modern surveillance methods to ensure discreet operations at all times.

As the leading private investigators in Florida Keys, we have access to various databases that reveal valuable information about a person. We also have a wide range of connections and assets that can help us acquire physical and digital evidences in the most discreet manner.

For our clients’ protection, we maintain the confidentiality of each case. We also go through various trainings to update our knowledge and learn the latest technology in the field of private investigation. It is our goal to remain undercover throughout the course of our assignment and to protect our clients’ privacy at all cost.

Our Top Services

The following are our top private investigation services in Florida Keys;

Infidelity Investigation

If you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating on you, we can conduct an investigation and surveillance to track his activities and external affairs.

Bodyguard Services

Our experienced bodyguard personnel and security agents can provide you the executive protection you need.

Corporate Investigations

Uncover unlawful activities and illegal transactions in your company through our corporate investigation services.

Child Support Investigation

We understand the difficulty of dealing with a deadbeat parent. If you need information about the whereabouts, financial status, and lifestyle of a non-custodial parent, we can furnish proofs and court-admissible evidences for you.

Child Custody Investigation

If you are worrying about a child’s welfare, we can launch a private investigation and surveillance operation for you to confirm the child’s living condition, status, and well-being.

Background Checks

Before making crucial decisions, get to know the persons you are dealing with. A lot of individuals end up being victims of scams and fraud because they trust the wrong people. To confirm a person’s credibility and intention, we can run a thorough background check for you.

Tenant Screening

Protect your property by getting as much information as you can about your potential tenants. We provide tenant screening services to ensure that you’ll only be dealing with trustworthy and reliable tenants.

Find Our Services in Your Area

Torres Protection Group operates in Florida Keys and other cities of South Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Coral Cape. To inquire about our services, you may provide your contact information in our homepage so we can contact you right away to discuss the details of your concern. You may also get in touch with us directly via phone or email.

We guarantee that we’ll keep our transactions strictly off the record for your protection.