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We Specialize in a Wide Range of Private Investigation Services in Gainesville

Torres Protection Group offers a broad spectrum of investigative and surveillance services that can help you make wise decisions on your personal life, business, and corporate dealings. Our discreet and high-quality investigation services can guarantee you accurate and confirmative information. The following are our top specialties;

Infidelity Investigations

If you have every reason to believe that your spouse is engaging in illicit affairs, we can help you uncover the truth and acquire factual evidence through private investigation and surveillance.

Bodyguard Services

Our team has highly skilled and experienced agents that can guarantee you optimum security and executive protection whatever the circumstances are.

Corporate Investigations

We are a team that specializes in corporate investigations to uncover unlawful activities such as fraud and misconduct committed by the management, employees, or other parties.

Child Support Investigation

Are you having problems receiving timely child support payments? We can launch a private investigation for you and acquire evidence that are useful in court proceedings.

Child Custody Investigation

If you are in doubt about a child’s living conditions and status, our team can investigate and conduct close surveillance to confirm the child’s well-being and the kind of treatment that he/she receives.

Background Checks

We have access to various databases that can reveal information about a certain person. If you are in doubt about a job applicant, potential investor, or new contact, we can perform a thorough background check for your peace of mind.

Tenant Screening

As a property owner, you have an obligation to protect your property. Our team can help you screen potential tenants so you can make clever decisions and spare yourself from various inconveniences.

Why Choose Torres Protection Group

Torres Protection Group is the leading private investigation firm in Gainesville and other major cities around South Florida. We have a long history in the field of private investigation and surveillance, with thousands of satisfied clients throughout the years. Our team strives to deliver accurate, timely, and conclusive reports that enable our clients to make the right decisions and plan for their next move.

Our extensive experience in private investigation procedures enabled us to gain valuable resources that are beneficial in resolving multiple cases. These include local databases, connections with various agencies, and high-value assets. We make use of our expertise and the latest technology in the private investigation to carry out our tasks discreetly. All our clients remain confidential for their protection.

What makes us the premier private investigators in Gainesville?

Reliable and Honest  Service

We deliver honest and unbiased investigative reports to all our clients at all times regardless of the circumstances.

Diverse Team of Private Investigators

We are a diverse team of private investigators with various expertise, level of experience, and trainings. To formulate concrete strategies, we combine tried-and-tested investigative procedures with modern approaches and technology.

We Focus on Facts

As private investigators, our commitment is to deliver factual evidence. We don’t present data and reports unless they are fully verified and 100% true and accurate.

We Respect Client’s Privacy

We don’t meddle with our clients’ personal lives, decisions, and concerns unless they seek for our services. Our main responsibilities are; to conduct a private investigation/surveillance, maintain the confidentiality of each assignment, and deliver accurate reports.