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Infidelity Investigations

Private Investigator Service

Do you suspect infidelity in your marriage or relationship? We can provide you a full report.

How we conduct Infidelity Investigation

Torres Investigation Group works according to the needs of our clients. In the majority of cases, the investigation that involves a cheating spouse or partner covers the following areas;

Discussion with the Client

Prior to initiating our investigation and surveillance, we gather as much information as we can about the subject. We start by getting details about his or her routine, hobbies, interests, and lifestyle. Although it may seem devastating and emotionally-draining, we try to extract valuable information from our client to speed up the case. Every assignment we handle is strictly confidential to maintain the privacy of our clients.

Actual Investigation and Surveillance

We formulate plans and strategies to keep an eye on our subject. This may involve doing undercover jobs, getting close to the subject, and discreetly gathering substantial evidences. We make use of advanced surveillance procedures to ensure that we can come up with reasonable work output and accurate data as evidence. Some of the procedures we apply are daily monitoring of routine and internet activities, keeping an eye on the subject’s assets, and point-to-point surveillance of his or her vehicle.

Validating, Reporting, and Presentation of Evidences

Torres Group consists of professionals who are capable of validating all evidence before presenting them to our clients. We work hard to ensure that all the data and proofs we acquire from the surveillance are true and accurate. Most of the evidence we present to our clients are valid in court, which is why we provide the necessary briefing on how the documents can become legally useful. As Private Investigators, it is our duty to present them to our clients in the most credible way, especially if they are meant for probable divorce or legal separation settlements.

What you can expect from our Affair Investigation Service

Investigations and surveillance that involves a cheating spouse or partner are sensitive assignments that can be emotionally stressful to our clients. We understand human vulnerability which is why we conduct the assignment as precisely and responsibly as possible.

The investigation usually lasts from a few hours to a couple of weeks, and in some cases, up to several months. It all depends on the intricacies of the assignment and on the requirements and evidence that our client needs. Regardless of the timeframe, we maintain the confidentiality and discreetness of our investigation. We may also create certain adjustments to our strategies along the way, depending on what the situation calls for.

You can expect to receive the most comprehensive and accurate investigative report from us at the end of the assignment.

Reason why people hire us for Infidelity Investigation

Most of our clients that seek for Infidelity Investigation Services spend countless days and nights wondering if their spouse or partner is cheating on them. They ask for our service to find out the answers they need discreetly and without drawing suspicion.

There are many other reasons behind Infidelity Investigation, but the bottom line is that it is not advisable for spouses to carry out the investigation on their own. Aside from physical exhaustion, emotions can get so high beyond control. As Infidelity Investigators in Miami, we acquire substantial information using modern and tried-and-tested investigative techniques without having to deal with the emotional impact. Furthermore, our unbiased surveillance and background on family law can help generate evidences that are useful in court.

Areas where we provide Infidelity Investigation Service

Torres Group Infidelity Investigation Service is accessible in Miami and surrounding key cities. We serve clients all across South Florida.