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Is Low Profile Close Protection Possible? Can You Keep Your Family Safe Without Drawing Undue Attention?

Is Low Profile Close Protection Possible?

Is Low Profile Close Protection Possible? Can You Keep Your Family Safe Without Drawing Undue Attention?
Is Low Profile Close Protection Possible? Can You Keep Your Family Safe Without Drawing Undue Attention?

Many people realize that they need executive protection, but they’re not sure if getting the help they need would make them high-profile, or cause them to stand out at times when that may not be appropriate. These individuals are in need of low profile close protection. Is such a thing possible? Absolutely!

Florida close protection from Torres Protection Group comes in a wide variety of forms. What’s appropriate for you depends on both your needs and your goals. What are some examples of factors that might result in different implementations of a security plan and allow for low profile protection without degrading the efficacy?

Short Term Protection Vs. Long Term Protection

The visibility of your protection depends a great deal on whether you have short or long term needs. There are, as always, a variety of options. If you’d like to send a message to potential threats, it’s always easy to make some of your security arrangements visible. This can be a positive way to make sure that threats are aware that you’re not a soft target, but if discretion is the goal, that can be achieved as well.

For short term close protection in Florida, it’s easy just to have the people involved blend in. A number of Torres Protection Group employees work covertly. You won’t find their faces on this site, and you wouldn’t remember them if you met them on the street. For longer term situations, it’s possible to adjust both routines and people at intervals in order to ensure that threats and onlookers don’t “make” your protection.

Regardless of whether you need close protection for a day or a lifetime, Torres Protection Group can work with you to come up with a security plan that achieves your goals and keeps you safe. Needing a bodyguard doesn’t have to disrupt your lifestyle or your routine. TPG has the expertise and the training to just blend into the scenery when necessary and to ensure your safety in the process.

Advance Work

Are you headed to an event where you feel there might be threats to your safety, but your unique situation demands that you not appear surrounded by intimidating men in suits? One way to handle that concern is with advance work. When most people think about close protection advance work, they picture going over maps, considering ingress and egress routes, and other office-based planning.

There’s far more to advance work in executive protection than that. Sometimes it’s necessary to observe the area and the “normal” comings and goings for a period of time in order to fully understand threat vectors. That can only be done on the ground.

Advance work can identify previously unknown threats, of course, but properly handled it also can identify peculiarities of the location which can be used to your advantage. Perhaps the layout of the building requires that everyone pass through a single central point on the interior after entering. Or maybe there are features of the building that make radio communication difficult for a threat.

Acquiring information like that is key to advance work for a short term appearance that requires close protection, because you must assume that a threat has access to the same information. Advance work from Torres Protection Group is a crucial part of the protection model, and offers invaluable intelligence to keep you safe.

Threat Identification And Monitoring

Identifying threats is important, but early identification of these risks is what makes it possible to mitigate them. Early identification and monitoring of threats also allows for low profile executive protection. One of the biggest concerns that many public figures face is worrying about what happens if a threat has to be neutralized in public.

The solution to that problem, and the way to make sure your protection detail remains low profile, is to identify these threats early and make sure that they aren’t able to make attempts in public. Once the threat is identified, it can be monitored on a long term basis, as well as kept away from the principal.

Another advantage to monitoring threats is that additional intelligence can be gleaned about other risks based on the activity and even communications of the threat. A man with a gun tells you very little, except that someone wishes you harm. Knowing that the man with the gun met with a known member of a well-organized drug syndicate not only indicates that someone wishes you harm, but who is actually behind it. It’s likely that leads to answers about why someone wishes you harm. Once you know why, additional risks can be identified and mitigated.

Torres Protection Group is a Miami firm specializing in executive and close protection throughout Florida. Founded by a former United States Secret Service agent, Torres Protection Group offers you the expertise and the people to identify threats and keep you safe.


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