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Get to Know the Best Private Investigators in Jacksonville

Torres Protection Group consists of a highly specialized team of private investigators and surveillance experts in Jacksonville and surrounding key cities. We have extensive knowledge of various investigation techniques, with continuous training on how to utilize the latest technology in evidence gathering and verification.

As the leading private investigation firm in Jacksonville, we are highly familiar with the intricacies that make this area distinct. We have a thorough understanding of the people’s way of life and the most common problems that the residents and business owners encounter.

To provide the best investigative services, our team makes use of our skills, experience, and intuition in every assignment to achieve reliable results that are strictly based on physical evidence. We also believe that all types of investigations require a high degree of creative analysis to validate the results and uncover the facts. Hence you can be certain that our team will deliver an accurate and unquestionable report.

What Makes Private Investigators Relevant in Jacksonville

Private investigators play a relevant role in society. In Jacksonville alone, we handle thousands of investigations and surveillance assignments that are not handled by any other agencies. Still, our evidence-based reports contribute significantly to the justice system and corporate setting.

Let’s explore the relevance and contributions of private investigators;

Private investigators are a credible source of information

Our long history in the field of private investigation enabled us to gain sufficient resources such as local databases, assets, and connections. We are the experts when it comes to examining a person’s history, criminal records, unlawful activities, and relevant background. Throughout the years, we continue to serve private individuals and companies by helping them find answers to their questions and factual evidence that may confirm or deny their suspicions.

Private investigators can conduct actual surveillance

One of our most important tasks is surveillance and person tracking. This is one of the primary reasons why a lot of individuals hire our services. Some of the assignments we handle that require actual surveillance are; infidelity, fraud, deadbeat parents, cases of stalking by an ex-, and misuse of company resources among many others. Additionally, surveillance is sometimes a requirement in civil investigations, such as when an individual or company is trying to acquire evidence that is useful in court proceedings.

Private investigations can prevent serious damages and losses

Corporate investigations can uncover unlawful activities within a company such as an embezzlement, fraud, espionage, and abuse of company resources among others. Early confirmation of such malicious activities accounts for immediate damage control and minimizes company losses.

Private investigations contribute to good decisions

In the case of property owners and employers, thorough tenant screening and background checks can help prevent future problems and inconveniences that may affect their business. In such cases, private investigations enable landlords and proprietors to come up with rational and clever decisions in order to protect their assets and businesses.

How to Contact Torres Protection Group

If you’re from Jacksonville and in need of our private investigation services, you may provide your name and contact details by filling up the form in our homepage. You may also fill in our Online Order Sheet. You can count on us to get in touch with you right away to discuss the details of your concern.

Alternatively, you may contact us directly by phone or send us an email of your inquiries at Torres Protection Group operates in Jacksonville and in other major cities of South Florida. We are continuously working to expand our coverage