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Why Do You Need to Hire a Private Investigator?

If you’re facing doubts and you need quick answers to your questions, the wisest thing you can do is to hire the services of a private investigator. At Torres Protection Group, we have a wide range of investigative and surveillance services that match your needs.

Investigative reports yield accurate and informative details about individuals and companies. Based on our experience in the field, private investigations actually spare a lot of people from making bad decisions and a lot of inconveniences. Our reports can either confirm or deny suspicions, which can ultimately put our clients’ minds at ease.

We’ve handled numerous cases in Palm Bay such as background checks, individual surveillance, and gathering of evidence. Our investigative reports are useful in court proceedings and aid in the resolution of various issues, whether personal, business-related, or proprietary.

If you’re dealing with unresolved issues that require quick answers, or if you are in need of substantial evidence, you can benefit from the services of a private investigator. As the experts in the field, we can conduct a thorough investigation, obtain proofs, and come up with a conclusive report that can shed light on the truth.

Torres Protection Group Private Investigation Services in Palm Bay

Our team of private investigators handles a wide range of investigative services to all the residents, business owners, and corporations in Palm Bay. These include the following;

Infidelity Investigations

Are you having suspicions about your spouse or partner? If you have a reason to believe that cheating and deception exist in your marriage or relationship, we can conduct a private investigation for you. We guarantee top confidentiality.

Bodyguard Services

Are you in need of executive protection and security? Torres Protection Group is the leading private investigation firm that provides efficient bodyguard services in Palm Bay. We have highly skilled and trained agents that can assure your absolute safety and protection.

Corporate Investigations

Do you want to validate the honesty and trustworthiness of your employees? We can conduct a thorough corporate investigation that may uncover wrongdoings, misconduct, and malicious activities in your company.

Child Support Investigation

Are you dealing with a deadbeat parent? We conduct child support investigations in Palm Bay that can reveal information about parents who fail to carry out court orders and parental obligations, such as timely payment of child support and custody arrangements.

Child Custody Investigation

Do you want to confirm a child’s well-being, safety, and living conditions? Our investigating team are the experts in child custody investigations in Palm Bay. We can provide you all the information you need to confirm if a child’s needs are properly met by the custodial parent.

Background Checks

Are you in doubt about a potential investor, business partner, or job applicant? We can conduct a thorough background check for you. We have access to important databases that reveal information about a person, such as criminal records, previous employment, and family background.

Tenant Screenings

Do you require proper screening of your potential tenants? Torres Protection Group can help you protect your property through intensive tenant screening. We can gather relevant information for your peace of mind, such as feedbacks from previous landlords, the ability to pay monthly dues and rents, criminal records, and source of income.