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Workplace Violence Spree Prevented

Workplace Violence Spree Prevented

An employee of a Fortune 100 company was terminated due to increasing erratic behavior towards colleagues.  The terminated subject made a credible threat to return and kill the human resource manager and other former colleagues. We placed the subject under 24-hour surveillance, provided physical security at the workplace, and conducted a security assessment of the employer’s […]

Workers Compensation Fraud

Workers Compensation Fraud

Our client was sued by an employee claiming to have injured his back while on company property during working hours. The suit was requesting $900,000.00 in pain and suffering. Torres Protection Group was able to locate an individual with whom the plaintiff employee had a relationship. This person advised our investigator that the plaintiff employee […]

Rooting Out Insurance Fraud - Torres Group Investigations

Rooting Out Insurance Fraud

An individual was claiming an injury resulting from an auto accident, and was requesting $2,000,000.00 for pain, suffering, and medical bills. We obtained video documentation of the claimant performing activities he claimed he was no longer able to perform as a result of the accident. Our video documentation resulted in the claimant accepting a quick […]

Financial Tragedy Averted By Torres Group Due Diligence Investigation

Financial Tragedy Averted

Pursuant to a negotiated settlement, a high net worth client was offered the title to an overseas casino in lieu of $17,000,000. The defendant in the lawsuit appraised the casino at $23,000,000, and possessed the corresponding documentation. Within 24 hours, Torres Protection Group investigators arrived on site to covertly inspect the casino. We interviewed key casino employees who […]