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Financial Tragedy Averted By Torres Group Due Diligence Investigation

Financial Tragedy Averted

Pursuant to a negotiated settlement, a high net worth client was offered the title to an overseas casino in lieu of $17,000,000. The defendant in the lawsuit appraised the casino at $23,000,000, and possessed the corresponding documentation. Within 24 hours, Torres Protection Group investigators arrived on site to covertly inspect the casino.

We interviewed key casino employees who advised the financial records had been compromised and several employees had not been paid in weeks, due to lack of operating capital. We obtained covert video of the physical structure, which reflected a neglected and decaying building. Additionally, we learned from the casino’s cleaning crew that many of the “leased” apartment units were rented to the owner’s family members, at a greatly reduced rate.

The video and statements Torres Protection Group provided to our client led to an informed negotiation. The subsequent settlement saved our client over $4,000,000.00.

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