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Private Investigators can uncover facts and acquire useful evidence so you can protect yourself, your business, and properties.

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Why You Need the Best Private Investigators in St. Augustine

Do you have questions and speculations that require accurate answers and validation? Don’t allow yourself to be left out in the dark. No matter how sensitive the scenario is, a private investigation report can present to you the facts that you need.

Private investigators are experts when it comes to acquiring evidence and factual data. Whether it’s for personal or business purposes, a thorough investigative report can help you gain peace of mind so you can make clever decisions.

We, at Torres Protection Group, recognize that people are not always what they seem to be. There are times when you have to deal with fraud, theft, espionage, and other malicious intents in your own territory. In such cases, it is crucial to separate the facts from suspicions. This necessitates the expertise of private investigators that can persistently find answers to your questions, uncover evidence, and deliver the facts so you can plan for your next steps.

Why Choose Torres Protection Group

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced private investigators in St. Augustine and other key cities in South Florida. We work with integrity, professionalism, and good judgment in order to uncover facts and evidence. To provide first-class services to our clients, we go through rigorous training which enables us to learn the latest techniques in private investigation and surveillance.

At Torres Protection Group, we combine technology with our team’s expertise in gathering valuable information to deliver accurate reports at all times. Our extensive experience in the field of private investigation and surveillance enabled us to gain important assets and connections. Through our resources, we are able to access databases that reveal information about individuals and companies and plan efficient strategies to acquire conclusive evidence.

Private Investigation Services in St. Augustine

If you have never hired the services of a private investigator before, the idea can be quite overwhelming and nerve-wracking to some extent. We understand this dilemma. To help you out, here is an outline of our services so you can match your needs accordingly.

For your privacy and peace of mind, we guarantee top confidentiality for each assignment.

Infidelity Investigation

As private investigators, we believe that you have the right to know if your spouse is cheating and engaging in illicit affairs. Count on us to provide an unbiased investigation for you.

Bodyguard Services

Torres Protection Group has highly trained agents that can offer you the protection and security you need whatever the circumstances may be.

Corporate Investigations

If you suspect malicious activities such as fraud, misconduct, and espionage in your company, we can launch an investigation to uncover the truth and prevent serious damages.

Child Support Investigation

Are you having problems in receiving child support payment? We can furnish an accurate investigative report which you can use to file a case against a deadbeat parent.

Child Custody Investigation

If you have questions and concerns about the welfare, treatment, and living conditions of a child, you can rely on our team to conduct a thorough investigation.

Background Checking

You deserve to know the truth about the person you are dealing with, whether it’s an employee, job applicant, or potential business partner. For your peace of mind, we can conduct a thorough background check for you, so you can spare yourself from doubts and bad decisions.

Tenant Screening

Landlords and property owners in St. Augustine can rely on our private investigation services to acquire relevant information about a potential tenant. Our accurate reports can help landlords protect their property, deal only with credible tenants, and ensure timely payments.