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Why People Call Private Investigators in Tampa

Private investigators are duly trained and licensed professionals that specialize in acquiring information about a person, company, or situation. The investigative reports are useful evidence to anyone who is in need of the information, whether it’s for personal or corporate purposes.

Based on our experience in the field of private investigation in Tampa, our services become highly beneficial when people are dealing with doubts, suspicions, and a lot of questions about a certain individual or the status of their relationship. It could be a spouse, business partner, employee, investor, tenant, or new contact, among many other persons of interest.

Other cases include individuals that are searching for their biological parents, verifying the security of a high-profile individual, finding information about a missing person, and child support/custody investigation. We also conduct a series of background checks for people who are in question.

Why Choose Torres Protection Group

Torres Protection Group is the leading private investigation and surveillance firm in Tampa, Florida. As professional private investigators with a long history in the field, we take pride on our broad experience, skills, and extensive training. Our team specializes in various areas of investigation from personal to proprietary all the way to corporate. We are also duly licensed to handle private investigations, surveillance, and security assignments in Tampa and other major cities in South Florida.

Why do the people of Tampa trust our team?

People hire our services to acquire substantial evidence in order to file a case since our investigative and surveillance reports are useful in court proceedings. We make use of advanced methods that do not violate the laws or a person’s privacy. As professionals in the field of private investigation, we always act in accordance with the law when gathering evidence.

Over the years, we were able to strengthen our connection with various agencies that enable us to access important databases and make use of important resources when gathering information. We combine tried-and-tested investigative methods with modern approaches and technology when working with sensitive assignments to ensure that all information is accurate and factual.

We understand that contacting a private investigator can be overwhelming for first-timers. We assure you that our team of private investigators and security personnel are all friendly, approachable, and understanding. We don’t question our clients’ motives or interfere with personal lives. Instead, we perform our job and deliver the information they need, so they can move forward and make decisions that they believe are best for them.

Where to Find Torres Protection Group

Torres Protection Group has offices all over South Florida, particularly in the cities of Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, and Florida Keys among others. We are currently in the process of expanding our coverage to make our private investigation services accessible to other areas.

If you need private investigation services in Tampa, feel free to provide your contact information in our homepage and we will call you right away to discuss your concern. You may also fill in our Online Order Sheet or contact us directly via phone or email. Rest assured that all calls and assignments are kept strictly confidential for your protection.