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Why Might I Need A Private Investigator In Florida?

Why Might I Need A Private Investigator In Florida?

Why Might I Need A Private Investigator In Florida?
Why Might I Need A Private Investigator In Florida?

There are a number of reasons you might need a private investigator in Florida, and some of them may never have crossed your mind. A local Florida private investigation firm with the right training and experience is able to efficiently get you the information you need without tipping off the subject. Here are some reasons you may not have considered…

1.) Hiring An Employee

You background check your employees… Right? Assuming that you do, what you’ll usually get back from most of the online search firms is a quick listing of any negative incidents they’ve been involved in over the years. That’s all well and good if you have hard and fast criteria, but what does “false token” really mean?

Did they write checks that didn’t clear? What else was going on in their life at that time? Was it a promissory note on something that went wrong? There is always more to the story, and you need to know the truth about what happened so that you can make an educated decision about hiring the employee.

2.) Firing An Employee

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes it has to happen. If you’ve already made the decision to fire an employee, it may benefit you to make sure that they don’t have a violent background, or a history of explosive outbursts. If so, that situation could turn bad quickly for your company. If that turns out to be the case, Torres Protection Group can also provide the appropriate security to assist in ensuring that the employee peacefully leaves the premises. Employee termination security is a serious consideration that many companies overlook.

3.) Who Is Your Child Spending Time With?

You’ve met your child’s friends, and probably even met the parents of those friends, at least in passing. What do you really know about them? Are they appropriate people to be watching your child when they’re at the friend’s house? You need to know more about the people around your children, and some people use private investigations in Florida to accomplish that.

4.) Due Diligence On Business Transactions

You’re about to sign a huge deal with a company that you’ve never heard of, but which will be very good for your company. Are you certain that everything is as it should be with the other company? Have there been rumors about the accounting? Are there key employees who are seriously considering leaving? Are there other red flags?

5.) Hit And Run

If you’re hit by a hit and run driver, you could use your uninsured motorist coverage. But you also could work to find the perpetrator with an auto insurance private investigation. Torres Protection Group often is able to locate the vehicle and the driver based on the information you have available, and your insurance company may already be utilizing these services to track down those drivers.

6.) Wills, Trusts, And Estates

Is there less money than you think there should be? Was money transferred before the will was properly probated? Are there other signs that something may be amiss, or that you may not be getting the share the decedent intended for you to get? If so, you can consider the services of a reputable private investigation firm in Florida like Torres Protection Group to find out what happened and get you the information you need.

7.) Missing Family Members

Just because a legal adult has the absolute right to go missing in this country doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve some sort of closure. Someone close to you would be well within their rights to simply disappear, but how do you know they’re at least still alive? Private investigation services can help locate people in this situation, and get you the peace of mind you need.

8.) Business Partnerships

You’ve found a co-founder for your startup, but are you sure you’re not going into business with Bernie Madoff? Private investigation is the only way to be certain that you really know the person you’re about to sign over half your company (and your idea) to. The results of that investigation are also useful down the road. If you decide to go public at some point, you’ll know that you won’t face issues with the SEC because of that co-founder.

There Are Thousands Of Reasons To Need A Private Investigation In Florida…

…but there’s only one Florida investigation firm to call. Whether you need full-blown surveillance, or just to confirm a few key pieces of information, Torres Protection Group has the expertise and training to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and effectively. You simply cannot run a business without good data, and you can’t get good data just by asking people for it. People lie, and the only way to know is to investigate.

You’ll have the data you need in order to make good decisions with a fast turnaround investigation. In every field, there are those who rise above. Torres Protection Group founder Rafael Torres is dedicated to excellence in the profession and to ensuring that you know the truth. Florida private investigations for business are a cost-effective and fast way to get the information you need to make difficult decisions with absolute confidence.


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