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Torres Protection Group is a leading security, investigation and crisis management firm that protects people's assets and integrity of their respective organizations.

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Crisis Management

We can secure an investigative report that proves the infidelity in your marriage or relationship. If you believe that your spouse or partner is having an illicit affair, we can help you plan your next move.

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Insurance Defense Investigations

We can secure an investigative report that proves the infidelity in your marriage or relationship. If you believe that your spouse or partner is having an illicit affair, we can help you plan your next move.

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Infidelity Investigations

We can secure an investigative report that proves the infidelity in your marriage or relationship. If you believe that your spouse or partner is having an illicit affair, we can help you plan your next move.

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Bodyguard Services

Our team has extensive experience in strategic security measures and training to ensure your round-the-clock safety from point to point. If you are in need of private security services, you can count on our elite level executive protection.

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Corporate Investigations

We conduct corporate investigations through proprietary databases and surveillance operations. For your financial and forensic investigation needs, we can help you uncover assets and obtain evidence of fraudulent activities to support legal action.

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Child Support Investigate

Torres Group is responsible for leading credible investigations on child support cases. If your child is suffering from deprivation of monetary support by a deadbeat parent, our team can help you track down individuals that hide from their parental duties.

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Child Custody Investigate

Securing documents and evidences that concern child custody is one of our team’s expertises. If you need an objective observation about a child’s well-being, living conditions, and treatment, we can help you secure reliable proof and confirmation.

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Background Checks

Our team is a reliable provider of data, intelligence, and technology to a wide spectrum of industries. We can conduct comprehensive background checks that go beyond criminal records, family, and lifestyle to satisfy your need for information.

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Tenant Screenings

We conduct in-depth tenant investigation and record verification services. If you need a private investigator to handle the screening of prospective tenants, our team can help you acquire the information you need to protect your property.

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We can secure an investigative report that proves the infidelity in your marriage or relationship. If you believe that your spouse or partner is having an illicit affair, we can help you plan your next move.

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As the premier private investigation company in Miami, we are serving clients all over South Florida. Our services are available in multiple locations within the major cities. It is our company’s mission to make our security and private investigation services accessible to various companies and private individuals across the state of Florida.

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Expert Investigators
The pillars of the company have served the highest ranking officials, numerous VIP clients, and high-profile personalities. You can count on our training, expertise, and license to operate in the field.
Client Satisfaction Guaranteed
We have the highest percentage of success rate in all our operations, investigations, and surveillances. This makes us the leading choice of private investigators in South Florida.
Top Confidentiality
We believe that discreet and confidential service is the cornerstone of a private intelligence and investigative mission. Our team implements systematic checks to ensure client privacy on all levels.
Extensive Experience
Our firm has a long history in the field of private investigation accompanied by thorough experience in all aspects of intelligence, data gathering, technology, and surveillance.
Accurate Information
We can help you obtain legally-permissible reports and court evidences if you are preparing for a case trial. Our intelligence operations make use of technology to access, collect, and analyze data to achieve accurate results.
Cost-Effective Services
We provide cost-effective private investigation services that primarily depend upon the specifics and complexities of a case. You can count on high-quality investigative reports at reasonable rates.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The investigation process covers a number of well-calculated processes that are meant to reduce any risks of negative perceptions and possible legal hazards. We outline strategies that follow a clear path towards acquiring direct evidences.

Whether it’s a case that involves fraud, evasion of responsibilities, cheating spouse, or misrepresentation; our investigation procedure involves the following;

  • Careful Planning
  • Use of Technology, Valuable Resources, and Database
  • Gathering of Factual Evidences
  • Verification of Data
  • Comprehensive Reporting

We can also go through odds and ends to come up with an accurate supplementary report that can help you plan for your next step.

You will receive a written and well-constructed investigative report that contains the details of our findings. We supplement our reports with conclusive data, images, physical proofs, and various factual evidences. Our findings and statement of conclusions are all in accordance with the actual investigation and thorough verification.

Depending on your case, some of the important components that we can incorporate in an investigative report are background checks, validation of assets and locate investigation, surveillance videos/images/GPS, and cell phone forensics among others.

You can always count on us to provide you with an investigative report that is substantial, conclusive, and accurate.

You can start by providing us your name, contact details, and a brief description of your case using our online form. We will contact you right away as soon as we receive this information. In the process, we can offer you a consultation. As duly licensed Private Investigators, we’ll review your case and formulate an action plan on how we can obtain the evidences and information that you need. We assure you that all the consultations we conduct have the same level of confidentiality.

If you are certainly in need of our private investigation services, you may also fill up the Job Order online data sheet. Please provide all the relevant data so we can initiate the process right away. You can expect us to contact you upon review so we can communicate matters that pertain to your case.

Ideally and in accordance with our standards, it is our duty to create substantial reports that pertains to the investigation prior to disclosing them to our clients. The initial update usually happens between 48 and 140 hours depending on the intricacies of the case. A longer timeframe may be necessary for complex investigations that require classified data.

Therefore, the frequency of our updates depends upon the progression and development of the investigation. We understand that we need to keep our clients in the loop throughout the course of the assignment. As private investigators, we follow specific protocols when it comes to reporting; and this includes validation of evidences and authentication of all the documents before presenting them to our clients.

Furthermore, we observe all the necessary precautions to maintain the privacy of our operations by making well-planned moves at all times, even when it comes to relaying information. Still, we can assure you that we keep our communication lines open, so we can transmit information whenever necessary.

Top confidentiality is the main core of our services at Torres Protection Group. Every case we handle, even seemingly trivial ones, remains 100% confidential. We always honor the requests made by our clients, especially if the matters involve their privacy and security as individuals. Regardless of the circumstances, we are not going disclose the details of our client’s case to third parties throughout the course of the investigation and surveillance, and even after its completion.

Our objective as private undercover investigators is to remain covert during the course of the surveillance and to make sure that nobody is aware about our ongoing investigation. We make use of advanced surveillance strategies to ensure that your confidentiality will remain intact.

As the leading private investigation firm in Miami and other key cities in South Florida, we have undergone extensive training to acquire the necessary skills and abilities to carry out highly confidential investigations for your absolute protection.

We provide investigative services that may require travel. We recognize that overseas and interstate travel has become more popular than ever, as thousands of Americans go abroad for business purposes, vacations, advance studies, and other personal reasons. Sadly, there are numerous cases that involve anomalies from business frauds to illegal acts, all the way to unexplained disappearances.

Such incidences leave a trail of unanswered questions, continuous worries, and a great deal of inconveniences. Torres Protection Group understands these scenarios and we’re here to help and provide the private investigation services you need.

We can handle assignments that involve financial dispute, cases of missing persons, fraud, non-custodial parents taking children overseas during separation or divorce, and other types of personal investigation that require interstate or overseas travel. It is always within our best interest to help our clients find the information and answers they need.

By legal standards, if a car or vehicle does not belong to you, it is unlawful to personally put a GPS tracker on it. However, in most states and under special circumstances, it is legally acceptable for a duly licensed private investigator to use a GPS tracker on a car or vehicle. Such cases are permissible by the law just as long as there is a valid reason and purpose to do so.

In the field of Private Investigation, GPS tracking technology remains to be a valuable asset particularly in terms of surveillance. It provides substantial evidence; and we cannot deny the fact that GPS devices are efficient, safe, and cost-effective. However, improper and irresponsible use of these devices has serious legal repercussions. Hence, we always try to make well-calculated moves and assessments before resorting to such measures.

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