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We provide our clients with the highest quality investigative services. Our specially trained and highly resourceful investigators are equipped for all situations and utilize long-range, covert, and night vision cameras to facilitate the best results in all situations. Most assignments are initiated within 24 hours.


We provide our clients with the highest quality surveillance services. Our specially trained and highly resourceful investigators are equipped for all situations and utilize long-range, covert, and night vision cameras to facilitate the best results in all situations. Most assignments are initiated within 24 hours.

Prior to initiating surveillance, Torres Protection Group conducts a pre-investigation designed to verify the subject’s residential status, as well as uncover possible activities that may reveal contradictory information, such as a regular gym workout or outings where physical activities take place.

Our investigators are highly trained in the latest covert surveillance systems. Our array of equipment includes long range digital cameras, miniature hidden body-worn audio units, various covert video cameras including undetectable high definition video cameras hidden inside items such as watches, bags, lighters, cups, etc.

We’ll never embarrass your company or expose you to risk as we conduct surveillance. We won’t invade the privacy of the subject of the investigation, nor will we engage in any activities which might violate local, state, or federal laws.

As a result of our surveillance techniques, your reports will be well documented, presentable in court, and will include copies of all video films obtained and photographs taken. And, we’ll send as many as you like, as often as you like.


Torres Protection Group is your resource for locating and skip tracing services. We can assist you in locating anyone. Whether it be the crucial witness in your case or a defendant who has disappeared, Torres Protection Group will locate the individual. We will work with minimal information to initiate an investigation and will produce results.

Torres Protection Group locates:

  • Witnesses

  • Defendants

  • Lost Loves

  • Heirs

  • Debtors

  • Old Friends

  • Missing Children

  • Runaways

  • Custody Cases

  • Paternity Suits

  • Relatives


Torres Protection Group will help locate a subject anywhere within the U.S. Through a series of networks, records and available information, we can deliver a person’s physical location.

This is also known as skip tracing. All we require is certain information on the subject, such as the subject’s name and one other piece of information (last known address, approximate age, previous employment, birth date). We take it from there.

Witness Statements

Place your trust in Torres Protection Group for your witness statement needs. We will investigate the background of key witnesses to ensure reliability and veracity. Our statements are recorded digitally and are transcribed upon request.

Torres Protection Group investigators are specialists in assisting the legal and insurance professions in carrying out interviews and statement taking. Our team of trained investigators obtains statements from both clients and witnesses to help build evidence.

When taking a statement, the interviewer must obtain as much information as possible without leading the witness, while recording his or her statement with complete accuracy. Taking comprehensive witness statements can be time-consuming as the interviewer must question each witness about every detail in order to compile the most comprehensive evidence possible to support the case being presented.

Our multicultural and bilingual investigators can obtain statements in several languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, and Swedish.

Due Diligence

An effective Due Diligence program is essential for any business, especially those with international interests, investment partners, foreign business partners, and other third parties.

Torres Protection Group provides timely, actionable facts in a well-structured report format. The information we provide assists general counsel, risk management, and corporate compliance efforts regarding transactional business, mergers and acquisitions, and current or potential clients and business partners.

The Torres Protection Group approach treats Due Diligence with seriousness of purpose, realizing that important business decisions (decisions that may affect our clients for years or decades to come) are made partly or wholly based on the information which Torres Protection Group provides. Targeted areas of client interest include but are not limited to:


  • Ownership Interests

  • Banking/Financial Records

  • State-Owned Companies

  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)

  • Board of Directors

  • Sanctions & Disbarred Parties

  • Licensing & Certification

  • Credit Standing

  • Civil Litigation

Due Diligence efforts, whether conducted in developed or emerging markets, are more than just a compiled facts and public data. It is the careful gathering, collation, and analysis of information that is accurate, timely, and useable as a risk management tool. Torres Protection Group provides industry-wide Due Diligence solutions tailored and relevant to client requirements, while also providing a roadmap for navigating legal and reputational risks.

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