Investigative Rates

Investigation costs may vary based on the factors of the individual case. While the below rates are general in nature, they can be used to get a general idea of the cost of the services you need. For a formal quote, please contact us.






















Vulnerability Assessment Pricing based on the type of entity (place of business, residence, etc..), as well as size and location.

General Investigations (4-hour minimum)          

1-Day Surveillance                                             

2-Day Surveillance                                           

3-Day Surveillance                                           

4-Day Surveillance                                          


Locate/Skip Trace                                              

Hospital Canvass                                               

Comprehensive Report                                    

Social Media Report                                             Assets Report                                             

Reverse Phone Search                                    

Driver's License Search                                  

Criminal History Search                                    




Armed Security / Executive Protection              

Armed Escort with Vehicle                                 

Workplace Violence Security                 

TSCM (Bug Sweep)                                          

$90 hourly

                      $760 all-inclusive

                  $1490 all-inclusive

              $2140 all-inclusive

         $2800 all-inclusive

           $850 all-inclusive

             $720 flat-rate








$80 hourly

                $110 hourly

$80 hourly

                                         $300 hourly


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