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Executive Protection

Torres Protection Group relies on the U.S. Secret Service close protection model to safeguard and support our clients, regardless of their level of risk. Our clients range from fortune 500 company executives to high net worth individuals and our agents are personally trained by our founder, Rafael Torres.

Torres Protection Group specializes in the protection of people and assets. Internationally and domestically, we have protected a diverse clientele which includes corporate entities, dignitaries, celebrities, and private individuals. Protecting individuals requires a different security paradigm than the static nature of securing a facility. An individual typically is not fixed at a single location. Our agents take a proactive, intelligence-based approach to high and low profile protection, aided by our additional services of site advance, transportation advance and a thorough threat assessment.

Our agents face the challenge of tailoring and implementing a security program that fits with the client’s needs and expectations. They are proven professionals with years of practical physical security experience and backgrounds in law enforcement, military, and the private sector security industry. All of our agents are trained by Mr. Torres in a variety of disciplines based on the exact security principles taught at the U.S. Secret Service training academy.

Workplace Violence

Almost every business will experience some type of Workplace Violence. Your business should have policies and procedures in place for dealing with such. Terminating an employee raises concerns in many managerial minds. Anticipating security concerns related to the termination can be unsettling for management. Torres Protection Group can provide your management team with peace of mind. Let us protect your workplace during a termination or layoff.

One of the highest risks that management and human resource professionals encounter is the threat of workplace violence following termination. If you are concerned about security and making sure everything goes safely and smoothly, we can help.

Let Torres Protection Group prevent a problem before it starts, and take action to keep your employees and business assets safe and secure if your fears prove to be correct.

Our Security Professional will provide the following services:

  • A professional presence and a sense of security for the company.

  • An unbiased third-party witness.

  • Armed security professionals prepared to deal with the worst possible scenario.

  • Ability to surreptitiously audio or video record the termination.

  • Offer advice on preparation for the termination such as the location of the meeting, a security sweep of the meeting area and areas the employee will have access to, how to arrange for the employee to gather their personal belongings, and an exit route out of the building and off the premises.

  • Assure the employee leaves the premises without any damage to company or employee property.

  • Liaise with local law enforcement agencies and arrange for premise checks and special attention.

  • Provide a security presence following the termination in the event the terminated employee returns with bad intentions.


Vulnerability Assessment

The Threat Assessment is an integral part of a successful security plan and is designed to anticipate and
avoid danger and is fundamental in a proactive rather than reactive security plan. It involves a thorough
investigation including data collection and specific threat analysis, in order to identify necessary counter
measures to manage potential risk.

We provide a comprehensive review of a wide range of potential natural, accidental and human
threats.  A proactive security plan is at the core of the U.S. Secret Service security philosophy and Torres
Protection Group models itself accordingly.

Armed Chauffeur

Torres Protection Group provides fully trained armed chauffeur service in a safe and comfortable
environment so that our client can focus on their business or leisure objectives.

Our armed chauffeurs are trained by founder Rafael Torres in the U.S. Secret Service’s protective driving
methodology in order to ensure the safety of our clients. Our chauffeurs are trained in counter-surveillance, evasion, and defensive driving tactics as well as first aid and CPR.

Security Consulting

 Torres Protection Group will assist your company in the following:

  • Determine whether your company’s security program is effective

  • Conduct a third party security audit to meet a regulatory inquiry

  • Conduct a risk analysis to determine how to prevent criminal or terrorist incidents/attacks

  • Prepare a security training program for your facility security officer or employees

  • Design an access control/intrusion detection or CCTV system

  • Develop a site security plan

  • Develop an emergency response plan

Torres Protection Group will consider your company’s situation, budget, and timeline, and deliver a
practical security plan. We will outline a site-specific security assessment along with a security survey
which will meet your company’s specific security needs.

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